Our first school built in 1996 Topsia Centre is located on the banks of one of the most polluted canals in the city. It is predominantly a Muslim community where there are many leather and rubber factories where many of the fathers of our students work. Many of the people who live in this area are migrants from neighbouring states of West Bengal who have come to Calcutta in search of work and have ended up living in the densely populated Topsia area. We are proud that in recent years a large number of our students have completed their secondary education, which is a tremendous achievement considering the conditions in which they live.



Situated in the heart of what was a municipal dump our Tangra Centre is a joyous hive of activity and learning which was first built in 1998. Our students are primarily the children of local  rag pickers who make their income from recycling plastic and rubber, most of whom are first generation learners. Our school is surrounded by a thriving slum community and we have large numbers of children enrolled in our centre and in local government schools who then return to our centre for additional lessons and tuitions. Our Vocational Training in Tangra has made great progress in recent years with out trainer Tapan passing on his great knowledge to his trainees who then have a skill to allow them to generate and income.



Located in the Dockland area of the city our Khidderpore School has become a centre of excellence for students who are mostly the children of undocumented Bangladeshi migrant workers. Due to the remote location of our centre the education and medical care we provide are vital for our students and their families. In our Khidderpore centre we are lucky to have an excellent team of staff who work tirelessly to ensure that the children from this very underprivileged community are given as much an opportunity as any other child to make better futures for themselves. Our school cook “Mashie” is an invaluable asset to us in Khidderpore as she puts her heart and soul in to ensuring the best for the children in the centre.

Bhubaneswari Free Primary School


Located just over 100km south of Kolkata in the Sundarban region, the Bhubaneswari Free Primary School is essential in providing education to children from this poor and isolated community. The school is run on a daily basis by our team of local and dedicated staff who provide education to almost two hundred children from the local community. Children are educated from pre-school level to class iv (ages 4-10) until they are then mainstreamed to a local government run high school. Our centre here is essential in providing children with their first steps in their education and helps to instill the importance of education and learning amongst the children and their families. Medical camps are held here throughout the year by our nurse and various awareness programmes are conducted by our partner organisation DAS.