Our Supporters

Lenrec Ltd

Since 2009 we have been lucky to have an excellent relationship with Lenrec Ltd which is a clothes, textile and phone recycling company, providing a quality national collection service from schools, churches, community centres and sports clubs. Lenrec has a large number of clothes banks placed throughout Ireland and Friends of Calcutta receive an annual donation from Lenrec for each bank. As we further expand our work in Calcutta this support is most needed right now. In 2014 it is estimated that the Lenrec contribution to our work will fund the cost of 50% of our projects Calcutta. We are extremely grateful for this much needed and much appreciated assistance which will enable us grow even in these difficult financial times.

In January 2009 we were delighted to welcome the Seamus Byrne Managing Director of Lenrec to Calcutta for the first time. Seamus wanted to see our work as well as to get an idea of what future plans we might have. In the whirlwind five days he spent in the ‘City of Joy’ his feet seldom touched the ground and to his great credit he kept pace with the highs (cricket Mania in full swing) and the lows (threatened closure of one of our schools) with the aplomb of a veteran to Calcutta. Seamus returned to Calcutta in January of 2015 to be there for the Rajiv Ganguly Sports Tournament. We were delighted to have him their for an incredible weekend and to be able to see in person the tournament afer hearing about it for so long.

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Lenrec Ltd Managing Director Seamus Byrne in Calcutta in January 2015.

Lenrec Ltd Managing Director Seamus Byrne in Calcutta in 2015

Calcutta Connect

For over five years we have greatly benefited from the talents and enthusiasm of a wonderful new group who share our ethos and joy in endeavouring to meet the needs of the marginalised. Tremendous friendships have been forged and we are proud to have Brian and Alan from Calcutta Connect as valued members of our committee. We are especially grateful to Calcutta Connect for their commitment to ensuring that our older students have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. It is quite incredible to envisage the trajectory of the journey for so many of our students, from grappling with the challenge of basic survival in the early 90’s to today gaining admittance to renowned Colleges and Universities. A joy beyond words for all who made this possible. We are most grateful to Calcutta Connect who have contributed to our annual budget since 2013 and who this year, through their partnership with Realex Payments, also funded and transformed Bhubaneswari School to being the jewel it is today


Calcutta Calling

We are extremely fortunate and privileged to receive constant ongoing support and friendship from a wonderful Limerick based group who since 2003 have been very supportive of all our future plans. The greatest compliment we could ever wish to receive for our work is when someone visits our projects and volunteers to assist us so as to expand our efforts in a meaningful way. In Calcutta Calling we have found a great friend and to date they have funded the rebuilding of two schools as well as funding our entire medical programme from 2008 for a number of years. This assistance has been most valuable and it has enabled us to implement tremendous improvements especially in relation to infrastructure. In addition to this on their annual trip to Calcutta they always get involved in a physical way with our work and they have painted and refurbished our schools.

Calcutta Calling

The Calcutta Calling group after painting our Tangra Centre

Lalor O'Shea

Lalor O’Shea Chartered Accountants are a most valued supporter of Friends of Calcutta. A thriving accountancy practice based in Carlow, their ongoing generosity and most professional service is vital to our continued growth. Partners Padraic Lalor, John O’Shea, Michael Nicholson and their excellent team have ensured that at all times we receive the very best of advice in addition to monitoring and auditing our yearly accounts.

Padraic Lalors’ support pre-dates even the formation of both his own company and indeed Friends of Calcutta also as incredibly he travelled from Dublin to Fermoy in September 1993 the night we held our very first fundraiser prior to officially forming our organisation the very next day. A living example that ‘old friends are best’. Long may we continue to enjoy such support.

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We are blessed to have four tremendous sponsors of our work whose annual contribution ensures that 50% of our required fundraising target is met each year. Words cannot do justice to the sense of relief and freedom this empowerment affords us. Calcutta Calling, Lenrec and Calcutta Connect became a family of 4 earlier this year when Anil and Astrid joined our collective efforts. They chose the name ‘Shanti’ [meaning ‘Peace’] and having researched to offer support to a charity which met their values we are greatly honoured to have them on board in this exciting journey and we look forward very much to their first trip to Calcutta in the new year as well as hopefully a sharing of their talents and infectious enthusiasm at our forthcoming AGM.