Partner Organisation

In April 2013 we entered into a formal agreement with DAS (Development Action Society), appointing them to be our programme implementation partners. We are delighted with this development as DAS are a very highly regarded NGO and we were very impressed with their overall strategy and vision for the future.

Development Action Society (DAS) was established in 1989 with the motto of development of underprivileged women and children, regardless of their race, creed or religion; changing their world with the right kind of opportunities. DAS is an equal opportunity organization, views its employees as a valuable resource in its mission, and acknowledges the potential and the need to develop beyond their current capacities through the application of proper principles. The programmes of DAS are rooted in values of justice, equality and mutual support that can ensure sustainable and holistic people-centered development

In April 2014 after an initial one year partnering with DAS we were delighted to be able to extend our contact with them for an additional three years until 2017. We have been thrilled with the progress made by DAS in our schools and the professionalism they have brought to all levels of the programme be it from the running of our centres to the regular reports they provide us with. In addition to this we must commend the DAS management team who oversees the running of our projects for their tireless work and commitment to achieve the very best for the children and young adults we support.