Sport and recreation are essential components in the overall balanced growth of a child. The students in our schools, like all healthy children, simply adore sport and despite little space to play games sport is an integral part of our three centres. Our sports coordinator has the role of organising regular games for our students and preparing them for our annual inter-NGO sports tournament held each year in Loreto Entally. Following the tragic death of one of our students Rajiv Ganguly in 2008 who was a keen sportsman and cricket fanatic we decided to hold an annual sports tournament in him honour. The Rajiv Ganguly Sports Tournament has become an annual Inter NGO Tournament which we have been running since 2009. The inaugural tournament was held in the village of Muschisha outside Calcutta and was a tremendous success for all involved.


In 2010 The Rajiv Ganguly Tournament found a new home in the grounds of Loreto Entally. Forever proud to be associated with Loreto we were nevertheless astounded by the tremendous welcome afforded us by Sr Tina and all the Sisters. In 2011 Loreto Entally became a sea of colour as athletics, football, bowled out, skipping, kabadi and cultural dancing were added to the tournament. Thanks to the generosity of ‘Calcutta Connect’ beautiful jerseys were supplied to all schools and the visual effect was truly stunning. In recent years the number of NGO’s participating in our tournament has increased with a total of twelve taking part in 2015 with over 1000 children in attendance over the weekend. Our grateful thanks to Bosco and Lynnette McShane, who funded the first tournament and to Vincent Jones, who funded the event for a number of years also.


In January of each year we hold the Rajiv Ganguly Sports Tournament where children from NGO’s from all over Calcutta come to participate in a whole range of sporting activities. Each year we have over 1000 children in attendance giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents in a way they normally would not be able to.

We are extremely grateful to the parishioners of the numerous dioceses around Ireland who have funded our last two tournaments through their generous donations to our clothing appeal. The generosity shown by people has allowed children from the most disadvantaged communities come together and showcase their talents on a grand stage in a way normally never available to them.

We first held the tournament in 2009 and are looking forward to the tenth running of the tournament in January of 2018.

Images of the Rajiv Ganguly Sports Tournament