Vocational Training

Acquiring income generation skills for our students is a key goal for Friends of Calcutta. Today we have three excellent vocational training units which are situated in our three centres. Girls who are vulnerable our have become school drop-outs are taught tailoring and production of handicrafts to enable them to generate an income. The trainees also make the uniforms for our morning school children and other Development Action Society centres. We are very proud that in recent times our vocational training programme has considerably strengthened giving a better hope for our trainees.  Each student receives a sewing machine on completion of our two year course which will enable them to make an income for themselves and their families.



  • There are over sixty girls enrolled in Vocational Training in our three centres
  • Trainee’s learn tailoring, production of handicrafts and making various types of clothes during the course
  • On completion of the course a girl will be able to generate and income for herself with the skill has learned
  • A sewing machine is given to each trainee on completion of our two year course
  • Girls’s can then take orders locally or gain employment in a factory where they can earn a good salary

Sewing Machine Distribution
Which was recently held in our Tangra an Topsia centres