What We Do

Friends of Calcutta assists the most marginalized in Calcutta and we are achieving this by funding, supporting and implementing the following projects with our partner organisation Development Action Society (DAS).

  • Providing free education to marginalised and refugee children living in the most underprivileged communities of Calcutta. This work is carried out on a day-to-day basis by our implementation partner DAS
  • Providing Pre-School education to children in our communities to give them the first steps in their education d to enable them to gain admission to local schools.
  • Providing nutrition on a daily basis to our pre-school students by serving a healthy meal in all our schools.
  • Providing medical care to all our students on an ongoing basis and hospital care where necessary.
  • Providing a dental programme in all schools.
  • Providing a fully encompassing Follow-Up Programme, getting our students placed in local Government run schools, providing them with additional support, monitoring their progress and enabling each and every child to reach their maximum potential.
  • Providing Vocational Training and Scholarship programmes to provide our students with lifelong income generation skills.
  • Providing social outlets for our students such as annual excursions, sports camps, etc as well as providing gifts to each child during the Puja and Christmas seasons.
  • Continually networking with other NGO’s both in Calcutta and Ireland to enhance our work.